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Meet 'SAL', our Vanquish VQ43 Mk2 boat for rent in Ibiza

03 December 2018

Delivered in early May of 2018, this remarkable vessel boasts a unique, highly distinctive look. Read the story below and get to know one of the most fun and elegant yachts you can charter in Ibiza.

It's design, my dear

Who's accountable of the beautifulness of our VQ43 Mk2 'SAL'? It should not surprise you that the brains behind this project belong to Guido de Groot, who has again captured the essence of the Vanquish driver’s boat philosophy as only he knows how. Guido already worked on the VQ48 (see our pretty 'Lady Thunder' and gorgeous 'Casa Atlantis' VQ48s) and some of the details of that work can be felt on the VQ43 Mk2.

We are used to the amazingness of Vanquish yachts, aren't we? When you rent a boat in Ibiza you should expect nothing less than the best in style, and in this battle Vanquish has made a blasting revolution. The lines, curves and shapes of our 'SAL' makes her a truly distinguishable Vanquish flagship in the Mediterranean. It's just so beautiful to look at...

...but design is not the only aspect to take into account when renting a boat in Ibiza. Shall we talk about the performance of our beloved VQ43 Mk2 'SAL'? Read on!

vanquish vq43 mk2 charter ibiza04

Allow yourself to enjoy
Book the VQ43 Mk2 'SAL' now!

Efficiently powerful

'SAL' is not only pretty, but fierce! This boat has twin 435HP engines that boost her up to 40 knots. Our VQ43 Mk2 is surely one of the most beautiful and speedy yachts you can rent in Ibiza. This is the kind of combination that make our boats unique and 'SAL' is no excepction to this Vanquish rule.

Even though the massive amount of power we can get out of this boat, its consumption tops at very reasonable 120 liters per hour average. And 'SAL' is not only fuel-efficient, but also exceptionally quiet so you can focus on enjoying the real sound of the Mediterranean...

Bearing in mind that the goal of the VQ43 Mk2 was to provide the best sailing characteristics in her class, we can say: mission accomplished! The twin engines, the superb construction materials and a new and improved underwater section makes 'SAL' not a princess but the queen of Ibiza's waters.

vanquish vq43 mk2 charter ibiza04

Not a Vanquish if not super comfortable

One of the main reasons to rent a boat in Ibiza is the freedom to sail and discover the island for yourself. When escaping the traffic jams or looking for secret and exclusive coves, the main concern you have to keep in mind is comfort. And our VQ43 Mk2 meets the highest quality standards -- as every Vanquish yacht does.

Our 'SAL' has a seriously spacious interior with full ceiling height in the cabin and bathroom/head. Guido de Groot and his team have also designed and developed the interiors of this lovely boat. You can feel it in almost every inch of this fine piece of engineering and design.

The result is a top-quality experience including luxury furnishings and Corian worktops with designer taps. A large lounge area fore is a great place to relax indoors while the deep walk around gangways make the VQ43 Mk2 exceptionally safe for families with young children.

vanquish vq43 mk2 charter ibiza04

Allow yourself to enjoy
Book the VQ43 Mk2 'SAL' now!

Charter vanquish vq43 mk2 'sal' in ibiza

If you are planning to come on holidays to Ibiza and willing to have an unforgettable experience at sea, do not hesitate and ask us for the availability of our beloved 'SAL'. We can assure you’re going to be amazed by this VQ43 Mk2: from looks to performance, facilities to features, she will blow you away... in complete comfort, of course!

There are even more reasons to trust this Vanquish beauty: a smart arrangement that provides shade at all speeds, the built-in bimini, the Raymarine's domotics systems, ... just to name a few.

Are you going to miss this chance to rent a boat in Ibiza with Vanquish? Book now!

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