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Brand new Vanquish Boats for sale in Ibiza - check them out!

07 January 2019

Did you know that we are the one & only official Vanquish dealer in the Balearic Islands? Read this post and take a look a the gorgeous brand new yachts you can buy with us -- here, directly in Ibiza!

Here at Vanquish we are always pushing the window of innovation, delivering our greatest efforts daily to continue customising our state-of-the-art boats. Our clients and friends are the people who inspire us -- but today we want to show you the beauties you can buy with us, directly in Ibiza. It's time that YOU get inspired!

But remember, they're not for everyone...

Vanquish VQ43 Mk2

 buy vanquish boats ibiza vq43 mk2

Lenght overall:  13,1 m / 43,2 ft
Beam max:  4,1 m / 13,5 ft
Fresh water capacity:  200 l / 52 Gal
Waste water system:  70 l / 18 Gal
Design category:  CE-B Displacement: 9 Tons
Diesel Engines:  2x Volvo IPS 600
Max speed:  40+ knots
Fuel Capacity:  800 L / 211 US Gal
Steering:  Easy maneuvering joystick system
Optional:  2x Cummins 550 hp, Surface Drive 45 knots, Air conditioning and generator

Having fun outside on the water is a key component of the overall Vanquish experience and the VQ43 Mk2 provides a wealth of al fresco delights for up to 16 people. Deep walk around gangways make VQ43 Mk2 exceptionally safe for families with young children and for adults who’ve cracked open the champers! Other features of note are the double spray rail which complements the boat’s avant-garde looks while also making the VQ43 Mk2 the “driest” open boat when underway on the market today.

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Vanquish VQ48

buy vanquish boats ibiza vq48

Lenght overall:  14,75 m / 49,1 ft
Beam max:  4,1 m / 14,9 ft
Draught:  0,85 m / 2,8 ft
Displacement  12 Tons

Fuel Capacity:  1200 L / 317 US Gal
Engines:  2x Cummins 600 hp
Max speed:  40+ knots ( Veloce version 50+knots)
Propulson:  Pod drives or surface drives

It seems incredible that is almost two years ago since we launched the first VQ48 in St. Tropez.The special industry event attracted attention far and wide and we have since taken various new orders for this phenomenal open sports boat. Created together with Guido de Groot Design and Studio Delta. The VQ48 has a look & feel which is specially appealing to car lovers.

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Vanquish VQ54

buy vanquish boats ibiza vq54

Lenght overall:  16,6 m / 54 ft
Beam max:  4,9 m / 16 ft
Draught:  0,9 m / 2,9 ft
Fresh water capacity:  200 l / 52 Gal
Waste water system:  70 l / 18 Gal
Displacement:  16,5 Tons
Design category:  CE-B
Max speed:  45 knots (Veloce version: 50+ knots)
Dieses Engines: 2x 800 hp MAN or 2x Volvo IPS 800
Drives: Por drives or surface drives
Fuel Capacity:  1500 L / 398 US Gal
Tender garage:  Williams 285 Turbo Jet

The 16.56-metre VQ54 is a new Vanquish boat initially modeled on the highly successful VQ48, but designed to provide even more options. Much attention has been paid to storage space in particular, making the boat ideal for transporting tenders / water scooters, diving equipment or water toys. Entirely customizable to suit any owner’s needs, the all-aluminium VQ 54 fully embodies the Vanquish philosophy of elegance, luxury and power on the water.

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Vanquish VQ60

buy vanquish boats ibiza vq60

Lenght overall:  17,7 m / 57,8 ft
Beam max:  5,2 m / 17,2 ft
Draught including drives:  1,2 m / 4 ft
Displacement:  29 Tons
Fresh:  4000 l / 1040 Gal
Fresh water:  400 l / 104 Gal
Engines:  2x Volvo IPS 1200 hp
Max speed:
  40+ knots
Engine Veloce: 2x MAN V12 1550 hp
Max seed Veloce:  50+ knots
Accomodation:  4+crew depends on cabin options
Classification:   CE-B

The concept behind this model is the same as with every other Vanquish: a customized 17.70-metre aluminium drivers boat with exceptional manoeuvrability and the comfort levels expected by the most demanding individuals. The real difference is found below deck, where the option for three cabins (sleeping six), two bathrooms and a gallery makes the VQ60 fantastic for longer trips with a larger party. You can also choose between an open and closed model.

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