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5 reasons to visit Ibiza this summer 2019

01 February 2019

Those who have already been in The White Island know it: once you visit Ibiza you don't need any special reason to come back. But hey, maybe you're still trying to figure out if Ibiza is the perfect destination for your holidays in 2019. Here at Vanquish Ibiza we can say a loud and clear YES! Read further to know why...

We could spend the day talking about how lucky we are to work in a paradise like this island. We absolutely love every little corner of Ibiza and we will be pleased if you come discover it with us!

Take into account this 5 reasons if you're thinking about coming to Ibiza for the next summer in 2019!

#1 Magical Sunsets

visit ibiza 2019 02

We risk being pedantic, but we have to say this: you won't find any other sunset or dawn that is as magical as the ones you can experience in Ibiza! There are no words to explain the peace, quietness and sensations brought by such a special moment... every day!

Furthermore, if you're aboard of one of our Vanquish yachts that you can charter with us in Ibiza for this summer 2019, you'll have that "extra" of exclusivity, astonishing views and, of course, the comfort of our beloved boats.

Trust us: the sunset in Ibiza is one of the most valued priceless event, you should not miss it whatever reason!

#2 Top-notch restaurants

visit ibiza 2019 03

Ibiza is becoming, year by year, the place to be if you're looking for the finest, most avant-garde cuisine proposals in Europe. It is not a coincidence that world-class chefs like Ferran Adrià or Óscar Molina work every summer in this island.

This is one the most "secret" benefits of coming to Ibiza for the summer in 2019: you can literally eat the best dishes in the world!

In addition, local and traditional Ibizan gastronomy will provide you and your beloved ones with the finest, most delicious paellas and fresh-seafood dishes in the Mediterranean. Take our word for granted!

#3 Beautiful beaches and hidden gems

visit ibiza 2019 04

As Ibiza gains popularity, most of its beaches are becoming world-wide famous -- nothing surprising, as the island offers many of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sand, crystal-clear waters, perfect weather... Who could resist?

But... We will put this straight for you: there are some beaches that you can't miss if you're coming to Ibiza for a great holiday. And there are some hidden gems and coves you will only discover if you rent a boat with us and our nice, experienced skippers.

Contact us and come explore Ibiza the Vanquish style!

#4 It's all about the music?

visit ibiza 2019 05

Ok, honestly Ibiza still preserves the "house music destination choice" for many. Every summer, the best DJs and Electronic Dance Music promoters make the island one of the most vibrant places to be if you love clubbing.

But this 2019 it will be a milestone in Ibiza: lots of new, innovative projects from the most respected names in the industry are already preparing some nice and fun ventures for this summer... For now, we can only unveil that Carl Cox will surprise everyone this year. Again!

Stay tuned...

#5 You can rent a Vanquish with us :)

Last but not least... Sailing in Ibiza's waters it's way cooler with a Vanquish, and you know it! After another successful season, our team is willing to provide you with the most memorable experience for your holidays in Ibiza.

Leave your worries at home and come enjoy Ibiza with us: you can rest assured that you'll have everything you need (and a little extra happiness from us!) to have a hassle-free boating experience in the White Island.

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