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Summer is coming! Check our Vanquish charters in Ibiza

27 March 2019

Spring is already with us and here at Vanquish Ibiza we're very excited to welcome the upcoming season! Don't fool yourself: summer is better if you are sailing with one of our gorgeous yachts. Check out the boat charters we've prepared for 2019, make your choice and start planning an unforgettable time in Ibiza!

You're impatient about your holidays, right? Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiness of our beloved yachts -- delight yourself with their lines, style and design. We've got kind a problem, though: you can only dance with one of them at a time...

So take your time and choose your next boat charter in Ibiza with Vanquish!

'The Wolf', unleash her power

We like to call this VQ43 yatch "a weekender like no other". Not only she cuts though the water like a knife with her blasting speed but ensures a first-class sailing experience for both newcomers and sea lovers alike.

'The Wolf''s body and aluminium structe ensures top performance and the finest sailing confort.

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Fast, nice and easy: our 'Dutchess'

The other VQ43 yacht you can rent with us in Ibiza is another of our most wanted beauties. On one hand, she can accommodate up to 12 people for your family trips and the like.

On the other hand, her open design will captivate those seeking the most of sunbathing. A truly mesmerising experience!

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Do the evolution, baby! (or how 'SAL' was born)

This VQ45 is a good example of how Vanquish boats grow in size and distinction. 'SAL' was based on a previous VQ43 Mk2, making her swimming platform lower and larger. She was the first version of this boat to rightly be called a VQ45.

Add an extra of design and style to your holidays with this custom tailored yacht that happens to fit really, really well in every Ibizan location...

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The True Life of a 'BALR.'

In words of the fashion brand, "we all have dreams of becoming a great and successful person". The Dutch company shares the same vision as Vanquish so we're collaborating to provide you with the most exclusive boat possible.

Every little detail is taken into account. It's time to live your life (and holidays) in style!

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More Vanquish Charters in Ibiza

We invite you to explore the rest of the Vanquish boats we have for rent in Ibiza this 2019. There you can continue digging for the details of other superb yachts, like our VQ52 'Casa Atlantis', our VQ48 'Lady Thunder' or the recently added VQ78 ´Sea Story´.

And if you want to see our boats live in action, meet us at the Palma Boat Show next month!