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The all new VQ52 T-Top will be delivered in Ibiza

16 May 2019

Do you want to take a look at the first actual photos of our brand new Vanquish VQ52 T-Top? She has just finished her painting and is waiting to be delivered... in Ibiza! Read on!

This new and superb yacht has been developed for a client who desired typical Vanquish lines with a somewhat extended nose and foredeck. The result is a spectacular looking design that is sure to shine in Ibiza this summer 2019...

Wellness and confort

vanquish vq52 ttop ibiza 2

Other stand-out visual highlights on the VQ52 complement the onboard comfort, such as the cool grey glass T-Top and fabulous sun-lounging area forward of the helm.

There’s also a lovely foredeck area with a table, ideal for al fresco diving or simply relaxing with a beer.

A second seating area is found below deck, ensuring that the party can continue regardless of the weather!


vanquish vq52 ttop ibiza 3

The VQ52 T-Top has all the classic properties of a Vanquish yacht such as fast acceleration, full customisation and great manoeuvrability. 

Vanquish yacths' superior performance is complemented by plenty of space (for over 20 passengers).

But let's take a look at how our team is carefully finishing up her paintwork...

The first photos of our Vanquish VQ52 T-Top

Say thanks to our social media team at @VanquishYachts on Instagram for this pics!

We can't wait to enjoy this beautiful Vanquish VQ52 T-Top in Ibiza, can you?

Live the Vanquish experience this summer

Vanquish Ibiza Charters 2019

If you're wondering how's the Vanquish experience, take a look at this post. We are sure you'll be willing to charter a Vanquish boat in Ibiza with us after doing it!

Otherwise, you can go directly and book a Vanquish charter in Ibiza now. Our team will make your holidays truly memorable!

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