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Having fun with Vanquish: Seabobs, Jet Skis and more!

29 May 2019

When you book a Vanquish charter in Ibiza you're anticipating an awesome sailing moments and memories -- you can take our word on that. Having lots of fun is one of the ingredients of this experience and that's why we've handpicked the most exclusive seatoys for you to enjoy... Read on and discover them!

The crystal clear waters of Ibiza are the perfect setting for those who enjoy exploring the underwater flora and fauna. Our beloved Mediterranean sea has so much magic willing to be discovered that we couldn't help but to include the most innovative seatoy so far known in all of our charters...

Yes! You are right! We're talking about...

Seabob F5S: swim like a dolphin, enjoy like a child!

If you haven't seen this "sea scooter" in action, get ready to be amazed! The Seabob F5S is probably one of the funniest nautical toy ever created. It allows you and your friends to swim and dive effortlessly at blazing speeds.

Amazing, right?

You'll be happy to read that all of our Vanquish charters in Ibiza include Seabobs for you and your family or friends to enjoy. The perfect companions for a ride with our beloved BALR or Diva, for example!

But Seabobs are not the only fun stuff we pack in our charters...

SeaDoo: top-notch jet-skis for demaning users

seadoo jet skis ibiza

We have to admit that we also love a more "classic" style of fulfilling the need for speed at sea. You got it: jet-skis may not be as fancy as a Seabob but they're as much as fun!

That's where Vanquish Ibiza meets Seadoo, which provides our clients the most powerful and stylish jet-skis out there. We bet you can already imagine yourself aboard our VQ82 Sea Story yacht which includes not one but two of these beauties!

Vanquish yachts could not have met a better add-on...

a toy for every scenario (and mood!)

Vanquish Ibiza also offers other toys and accesories that at first sight could pass unnoticed. For example, our Williams 525 Jet Tenders are practical, stylish and will make short trips to shore or hidden coves a blast.

If you want a relaxing and pleasant swim, you'll be happy to read that all of our charters include Stand-Up Paddle surfs. A very fun and convenient way to explore and do some exercise at the same time!

But if you're in "looking-for-adrenaline" mood take a look at one of our latest additions...

Yes! You have the chance to enjoy the motorized surfboards made by Jetsurf with Vanquish! Lots of fun ahead!

fun, safe, responsible sailing with vanquish

Here at Vanquish we want you to enjoy the most of our stay and experience. But that does not mean that we do not take safety and respect for our environment seriously.

In fact, it is all the way round. In order to preserve our precious waters, our diverse and beatiful flora and fauna, Vanquish Ibiza does not allow its customers to use its sea toys in zones that Posidonia is specially threatened such as the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

But fear not! Our skippers know Ibiza's coastline as their own hand palms and will provide you with the best settings in order to have fun with our toys in a safe, responsible way.