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13 August 2019

Did you know that you can catch up with Vanquish updates on our Facebook and Instagram profiles? Check this post out to see what we've been up to these weeks!

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Sailing on a Vanquish is not the average experience -- read below so you can get a taste of it:

Life is (still) better on a BALR.

And you know it. Our Vanquish VQ45 'BALR.' is making our guests and friends fall in love with a boat for another season! Not that we are surprised about it, but we are really happy with this black beauty bringing us so many good memories in every trip.

As you can see above, life is quite better when sunbathing in a gorgeous yacht before you go to have a snack to the very exclusive CBbC at Cala Bassa Beach.

Charter Vanquish VQ45 BALR. now!

...and not bad at all with our SAL!

She's one of the reasons why we love what we do. Our Vanquish VQ45 'SAL' has a special gift that provides her guests with a good amount of laughs and smiles. Just look at these faces above!

Of course our goal has been always this -- but it's really great when you can achieve it so easily, isn't it?

Charter Vanquish VQ45 SAL now!

Our views are better than yours

That's one of the perks of choosing Vanquish for your ultimate yachting experience in Ibiza. Join our beloved crew to discover the most beautiful, most stunning spots on the island.

Our Vanquish VQ48 'Lady Thunder' likes to show off like in the upper pic -- but that's because she can! Fancy to meet her?

Charter Vanquish VQ48 Lady Thunder now!

Writing your own story (the vanquish way)

Upgrade your family holidays or your work retreat booking the last addition to our fleet: the dazzling Vanquish VQ82 Sea Story. This is a piece of art in the modern, luxury yachting world.

Do not miss the post we wrote when she arrived to Ibiza and made everyone talk about her: Ready to write your own 'Sea Story' this summer with us? Or if you already know her you can just jump and...

Charter Vanquish VQ82 Sea Story now!


And satisfy your Vanquish cravings wherever you are!