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Two new Vanquish yachts are coming... Watch the videos!

30 August 2019

Here at Vanquish Ibiza are so excited to know that in a few weeks two new yachts will be welcomed to the family... Read on and watch the new VQ58 & VQ40 yacht videos!

These two beauties will be the stars at the Cannes Yachting Festival, which will be held from 10th to 15th of September. This will be the first place to spot them, luckily we will be enjoying them in Ibiza very soon!

But let's take a closer look to both of these superboats...

The stunning VQ58 Hardtop

The first model in our all-new VQ58 series is being built for an owner who wished to blend keynote elements from three of our driver’s boats. The starboard side garage arrangement of the VQ50 is combined with the successful features of the best-selling VQ54 in a hardtop version and the cool styling elements of the new VQ65 to create a stunning motoryacht that is sure to be an instant hit with Vanquish fans.

At the heart of the VQ58 concept is a flexible boat that combines the best of the best when it comes to speed, comfort and layout. In developing the hardtop VQ58 for the launch client, we decided to design a hull that would be equally suited for an open-top or T-top model in the future.

Gorgeous, isn't it? But wait, because the brand new Vanquish VQ40 has also something to say!

The striking Vanquish VQ40

The VQ40 will be built in high-quality composite, leveraging on our experience with this material on the VQ16. Building the new yacht in composite rather than aluminium will make the VQ40 a more accessible starting model worldwide. It also means we can create more boats in a faster timeframe to meet the demand from Vanquish fans and boost the global visibility of our brand.

It took a great deal of time, effort and focus to blend all the characteristics that make Vanquish unique into the new VQ40. Our goal was to create a true driver’s boat for men who love cars and have a need for power. The boat is very multifunctional and can be equipped with a wide selection of engines. The inboard options make swimming much easier while the outboards are ideal for fishing expeditions and the like.

She will be a game changer, for sure...

Can't wait for a Vanquish charter in Ibiza?

Do not worry! Here at Vanquish we offer a wide range of boat charters in Ibiza so you can continue living your own way while we wait the new VQ40 and VQ58 come with us...

And do not hesitate to contact us if you are chartering you yacht in Ibiza for a special occasion... We strive to provide you the ultimate sailing experience!

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