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How it all started: the VQ32

18 November 2019

Are you wondering which VQ yacht was the first to be built? Read on and find out how the story started all along...

Note: this article was originally published in VQ Lifestyle magazine (link at the end of this post).

The idea of the first VQ Yacht, the VQ32, came to Tom Steentjes as he spoke to clients with very special requirements in mind for their boating experience.

vq yachts ibiza vq32 2

In essence, these highly individual people wanted a boat with very distinctive looks, one which could accelerate far faster than other vessels of a similar size and carry a lot of people in comfort.

The latter request led to the decision to include a walkaround on the VQ32, something which you will not find in any equivalent design. This idea was an instant hit and would soon be extended to later VQ models -- the VQ32 can carry eight people and the VQ48 up to 19, all sitting or lounging around in serious luxury.

Flexible approach

Being an expert in aluminium, Tom designed the VQ32 to be supremely flexible and versatile. A superb driver's boat, the model is easy to manoeuvre and can be fully customised to any personal tastes.

A fully enclosed superstructure creates an indoor living space with all the hallmarks of VQ simplicity in design. It leads to a social and dining area from which guests can enjoy their surroundings to the max.

vq yachts ibiza vq32 3

A foredeck with a large sun deck area gives another option for relaxation, especially when out on the open sea at cruising speed. It is also a thrilling vantage point from which to feel the VQ32's awesome power.

In partnership with an acoustics specialist, VQ has minimised the noise made when the yacht hits the water at its characteristic high speeds.

Not that you will be falling asleep!

Inspiration for all

The VQ32 is very suitable for lakes, as well as for exploring coastlines or even further afield. It is also ideal as a tender for a superyacht.

Three VQ32s have been sold so far, and the model has been succesful as an inspiration and a launch pad for the boats that would follow.

As the original's driver boat, the VQ32 remains a milestone in own right and the subject of considerable interest among potential buyers today.

VQ32 specifications

vq yachts ibiza vq32 4

  • Length overall: 10.21m
  • Beam max: 2.91m
  • Draught: 0.9m
  • Max speed: 40+ knots
  • Engines: 1x370HP or 2x260HP
  • Accommodation: 2
  • Also available in 50+ knots Veloce version

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Read the original article in the VQ Lifestyle magazine through this link.