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The Best Beaches to Visit in Ibiza on a Vanquish Yacht

10 July 2023

When it comes to exploring the stunning coastline of Ibiza, there's no better way than on a Vanquish Yacht. With its luxurious comfort and unrivaled style, a Vanquish Yacht allows you to experience the best beaches in Ibiza with ease. From turquoise waters to vibrant atmospheres, here are the top beaches to visit on your Vanquish Yacht adventure.

Exploring Ibiza's Coastal Beauty

Why Choose a Vanquish Yacht for Beach-Hopping

A Vanquish Yacht offers the perfect platform for beach-hopping in Ibiza. With its sleek design and exceptional performance, you can effortlessly navigate the coastal waters and reach the most secluded and picturesque beaches. Enjoy the freedom to anchor in hidden coves, explore untouched stretches of sand, and soak up the beauty of Ibiza's coastline from the comfort and luxury of your yacht.

Cala Comte: A Paradise of Turquoise Waters

Pristine Sandy Beaches and Crystal-Clear Waters

Cala Comte is a beach paradise renowned for its turquoise waters and pristine sandy shores. As you approach this stunning coastal gem on your Vanquish Yacht, you'll be mesmerized by the vibrant shades of blue that surround you. Drop anchor and dive into the crystal-clear waters, or relax on the soft sandy beach and soak up the sun. Cala Comte offers a tranquil and breathtaking escape.

Playa d'en Bossa: Vibrant Beach with Endless Fun

Lively Atmosphere and Water Sports Galore

Playa d'en Bossa is not only one of Ibiza's longest stretches of sandy beach but also a vibrant hub of entertainment and excitement. As you anchor your Vanquish Yacht near this popular beach, you'll be greeted by a lively atmosphere. Enjoy a variety of water sports, dance to the beat of world-famous beach clubs, or simply unwind on the beach while sipping cocktails and watching the sunset.

Cala Salada: A Tranquil Cove for Serenity Seekers

Serene Ambiance and Gorgeous Natural Surroundings

For those seeking tranquility and natural beauty, Cala Salada is a hidden gem that should not be missed. Accessible by sea, this secluded cove offers a serene ambiance and breathtaking surroundings. Anchor your Vanquish Yacht in the calm waters and indulge in the peacefulness of this pristine beach. Take a leisurely swim, explore the underwater wonders, or simply bask in the tranquil atmosphere surrounded by lush greenery.

Las Salinas: Where Nature and Glamour Unite

Stunning Scenery and Popular Beach Clubs

Las Salinas is a beach where nature meets glamour, offering a unique blend of stunning scenery and vibrant beach clubs. As you approach this iconic destination on your Vanquish Yacht, you'll be captivated by its beauty. Enjoy the golden sand, clear waters, and breathtaking views of the salt flats. Relax on the beach or visit the renowned beach clubs for a taste of Ibiza's glamorous and vibrant beach scene.


Exploring Ibiza's best beaches on a Vanquish Yacht is a truly remarkable experience. From the turquoise waters of Cala Comte to the vibrant atmosphere of Playa d'en Bossa, the tranquil cove of Cala Salada, and the glamorous charm of Las Salinas, each beach offers its own unique allure. Rent a Vanquish Yacht and embark on a journey of luxury and discovery as you navigate Ibiza's captivating coastline.


  1. Can I access all the mentioned beaches on a Vanquish Yacht?
    Yes, you can access all the mentioned beaches on a Vanquish Yacht. The Vanquish Yacht offers excellent maneuverability and versatility, allowing you to navigate Ibiza's coastal waters and reach even the more secluded beaches. With its sleek design and powerful performance, you can anchor near the shores of Cala Comte, Playa d'en Bossa, Cala Salada, Las Salinas, and other exquisite beaches in Ibiza.

  2. How do I find the best time to visit these beaches for optimal weather and crowds?
    The best time to visit the beaches in Ibiza for optimal weather and crowds can vary depending on the season. Generally, the summer months from June to September offer warm temperatures and vibrant atmospheres. It's advisable to check the local weather forecasts, tourist information, and consult with us for insights on peak seasons and quieter periods. They can provide guidance based on your preferred experience and help you plan your beach visits accordingly.

  3. Are there beachside restaurants or facilities available at these beaches?
    Yes, many of the mentioned beaches in Ibiza have beachside restaurants and facilities available. These establishments offer a range of amenities, including sunbed rentals, beach clubs, and dining options. You can savor delicious Mediterranean cuisine, enjoy refreshing drinks, and relax in comfortable beachfront settings. It's worth noting that availability and offerings may vary, so it's recommended to inquire with us for the latest information and recommendations.

  4. Can I engage in water sports near these beaches while on a Vanquish Yacht?
    Absolutely! Engaging in water sports near the beaches is a popular and exciting activity in Ibiza. Many of the mentioned beaches offer water sports facilities where you can enjoy activities such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and more. Our team can provide information on nearby water sports providers or even arrange water sports equipment for you to use directly from your Vanquish Yacht. It's an excellent opportunity to explore the waters, add adventure to your beach visits, and create unforgettable memories.